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It is our main goal to highlight the wines of the Heideboden region and their varietal character from that of a large, often uniform world of wine.

Our vinery can be found in Tadten, located in the south of Heideboden region. This small strip of land east of Lake Neusiedl is shaped by a pannonian climate, allowing us wine-makers to press grapes of highest ripeness and, most importantly for red wines, grapes that are known for a softness and harmony, attaining that which one would expect in a wine.

We are a family-run establishment managing a 28 ha vineyard in Tadten. Seventy-five percent of the acreage is accounted for by red wines, twenty-five percent by white wines, with business trends leaning strongly towards red wine.

Our vineyards are located in the the south of the winegrowing region of Heideboden. The soil is largely composed of gravel or sand with minimal overlay, but heavy black earth with average to high concentrations of clay is to be found as well.

Our approach to wine-making can be considered traditional paired with the use of latest knowledge in oenology. We strive to refine what nature grants us.

Ripe and healthy grapes are of paramount importance for the vinification of our wines. Practicing sustainable production with attention to protecting nature, vines and soil, we aim to keep our environment healthy and fertile for the generations to come.

Thus we totally refrain from applying insecticides or herbicides.

Our white wines mature almost entirely in steel, where they can remain up to three months on fine yeast sediment.

The red wines are stored in 400 French Oak barrels in our red wine cellar. In addition, a portion of the Heideboden wines is fermented in large wooden casks.

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